"von Argos"
a registered VDD kennel 
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Vitus vom Homborn 105465
Vitus vom Homborn could easily be considered the "father" of the modern day DD. Whelped in 1978 (Catja vom Homborn x Racker vom Waechtersbach (this kennel owned by Ottokar Raacke, a good friend to Group North America), Vitus was sold to France and died during a hunt before the age of four (killed by a stag). He was a medium sized dog with great composure, very good coat and outstanding abilities. He was not a dog that commanded immediate attention, yet his influence on the breed through his 13 breedings has made him the dominant genetic influence of the past 30 years. It is difficult to find a pedigree today that does not include the influence of Vitus vom Homborn ....principally through Sultan vom Richthof (Nick vom Isendorf, Yak vom Wildbarren, Waldmann vom Richthof, etc) as well dogs from the vom Haardtberg, vom Donaueck, v d Wupperaue, vom Herrensitz, and many other kennels.
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