"von Argos"
a registered VDD kennel 
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VJP-70, HZP-184,VGP 304-Pr.1
F12/H11, 65/66
VJP-73, HZP-184, VGP-304-Pr.1
F11/H10, 62/64
Feuer vom Bandorfer Forst
Irmi vom Falkenberg (Senta)
VJP-75, HZP-192o.Sp 12 Duck Search
F11/H10, 62/64
Nike will be bred to Olaf. Expected whelp date will be March/April 2015. Contact John McIntyre at jamslo@verizon.net for information.
Bristol von Argos
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Ulan v d Dachswiese
Katja II vom Böckenhagen
VJP 71, 74, HZP 232, 12 Track, 12 Nose, VGP 1 - 301TF F11/H10, 66/67
VJP 77, HZP 182 o. Sp., VGP 1 - 333ÜF
F12/H11, 64/65
VJP-73,HZP-178 F10/H9, 64/65
Nike is just as calm and cool as her mother Senta. Her owner is a first time handler and certainly
did the work but the scores speak for Nike's ability and cooperation. Her duck search at the HZP was something special and the judges agreed - 12!!!
We are personally very excited about this breeding - puts both Senta and Katja in the pedigree as well as two of the better producing stud dogs today - Feuer and Ulan.
 Olaf III vom Böckenhagen