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Katja II vom Böckenhagen- Affectionately called the “Beast”, Katja is a powerful  girl (64cm/70 lb) with fast feet and big time desire.  She was bred by Antonius Kohues from Telgte, Germany. We have visited Antonius many times over the past 7 years and have been impressed with the temperament and talent in this kennel.  Katja's nose, manners on game and bird finding ability are exceptional.  At 6 months she pointed her first wild birds in North Dakota and we’ve been shooting birds over her ever since.  Steadiness has not been an issue with Katja. She covers big ground but always remains in touch.  She has good range in the grasslands but will hunt close in the grouse cover.  When she points, you can bet the bank.  Katja is the standard by which we measure all dogs in the field.  All who have seen Katja in the water have been impressed by her drive and persistence...Katja doesn't like to leave game behind.   Katja is also a very calm dog in the house-she just seems to flip the “switch” and relax.  She’s a real schmooz. A regular guest at the local Sunday Farmer’s Market,  she is quite happy to greet anyone who will scratch her neck!!  At our camp, she hangs out with the kids next door, especially if there is a chance that food may be involved!!  Her test scores are VJP-73 and HZP-178 and VGP 0 (in Prize 1 contention, we stumbled on the bloodtrack). In addition she earned a NAVHDA UT Prize 1/204.  Whether in the grasslands, grousewoods,  or the swamp, finding game or retrieving....... Katja always gives 110% and her "long" nose and exceptional manners on game make hunting downright enjoyable.


Katja is retired from breeding.

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"von Argos"
a registered VDD kennel 
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Grousewoods 2011
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