Irmi vom Falkenberg – “Senta” was bred by Wolfgang Weber in Loef, Germany.  12 years ago, Josef Bohle, the owner of Karlo vom Landhagen, called us to say Karlo had been bred to an outstanding female from the Falkenberg kennel, so we traveled to Germany to select Senta and see her littermates.  She is line bred on the “vom Richthof” line, one of the strong foundation kennels in the breed.  She is the complete versatile dog and dependable day after day. Her great strength is her stability and consistency. She adapts to all situations, and seems unflappable no matter what may happen.  Whether hunting or testing, she always brings "her game".  Her UT 1 and VGP 1 both took place within a 3 week period!!  She has developed into an extremely cooperative dog with impeccable manners in the field. She is a strong backer and soft-mouthed retriever.  Her natural working range is 50-200 yds. depending on the cover.  She will expand her search when in the grasslands but she also excels on woodcock and grouse in our eastern wooded cover.  She is calm in the duckblind and relentless when it comes to cripples.  Senta is also a focused, “dead calm” tracking dog-stop her, dictate tempo, she will simply comply and “track on” when commanded.  Plenty of horsepower, easy to live with and yet she is a dog anyone could train.  Now 12 years old, Senta continues to carry on in the field and water.  She has done everything we have asked - VJP 73, HZP 184 (o Sp.), VGP 1 304 (4h in nose).  In addition she earned an NA 1-112 and UT 1-204.   4 of Senta’s littermates are also Prize 1 VGP dogs and three have passed the 20 hour bloodtrack   She is HD Free, and tested free of blood disorders. Senta was rated 11/10 conformation and coat.
Senta is retired from breeding.
"von Argos"
a registered VDD kennel 
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Senta (left) backing Katja...ND sharptail 2009
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