"von Argos"
a registered VDD kennel 
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We’re Jon and Margaret Prescott, located in northern New Jersey.   We bought our first DD  in 1971.  We have owned, trained, and hunted dogs in both Europe and the US.  We belong to the VDD and believe that this organization and its 11,000 members are the reasons the DD is so capable and successful today.  We train here in New Jersey and at our summer camp in New York State, with our local VDD Chapter and with various NAVHDA groups as well.  We hunt in New York State, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the Jersey shore on a regular basis and have made occasional trips to Canada, Arizona and even Germany when possible. Our dogs have hunted pheasant, ruffed grouse, sharptail, huns, quail, ducks, geese, hare, and rabbit and have occasionally tracked and recovered wounded whitetail deer.  They have also jumped from boats to retrieve brant on the ocean, stalked snipe on tidal marshes, retrieved sandhill crane from the CRP and treed black bear (not planned!!).   We do all our own training and feel that this allows us to better evaluate the dogs we own.

We expect our dogs to be productive, hard working, high desire, versatile dogs that are both physically and mentally sound.  Most of us only get to hunt 20-30-40 days every year, and for this reason, a dog must also be easy to live with.  Our dogs are in in the family room

at night, in the pick-up or maybe a motel room when we’re on the road.  We believe in the standard and that dogs should be representative of the breed.  We also like dogs that develop early and show a willingness to get down to work at a young age. Although testing is a valuable assessment, we place greatest value in “measuring” dogs under real hunting conditions on wild game. Every young dog we start spends time on the prairie, in the grouse woods and duck blind where we assess its ability.  We will not breed any dog before we are "convinced" of a dog's ability and stability while hunting  and in the home.    We like medium to large, athletic, upbeat dogs with the "switch" - calm in the house but energetic when working.  We prefer dense, minimum care coats.


We stand behind our dogs.  If you do your part, we're very sure that they will do the same.





North Dakota -2012
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